Pandas pucking Rainbows


Nom nom nom [x]



Frolicking Kittens [x]

(oh god there’s a whole mess of videos)

oh gawd he slaped him!

When I sing…


at home:

when my favorite song  play on the radio:

in the shower:

in the computer:

if someone  asks me to sing:

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That awkward moment when you’re really upset and decide to play the saddest song you know.


And you go from this:

To this:

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lolz this makes me love people because they know how it is

The original story of the little mermaid is that she must kill the prince in order to be human, and in the end, she loves him too much and kills herself instead.


I love how you get mad at all the girls for “Dating the same kind of douchebags” and You are just like they need to date a better guy and you’re thinking “like me” no. YOU are so much worse then anyTHING I have ever complained about. You are Heartless. A lier. and selfish. So selfish U will do anything for you, no matter who it hurts. after everything. all the ways you hurt me, When I said my finnal words to you, I tried to be nice and all you can do is cus at me and tell me to get over it. Well I verry sorry I loved you frist of all. and second, that PROVES I’m better then you, I just am. And I’m the best girl you are ever going to get :p U r going to regret it. and what hurts the most is ur stupidty. U think that your TOTAL disregard for my feelings will help me just forget about you? How could I forget about you when you were the best? the best and the ABSOLUTE worst. because all of it was a lie.
When I’m feeling rejected by a guy I actually like
I would have given almost everything to keep you. You were freaking wonderful. You always made me feel better and you always did everything right or better. But fuck you. You knew that. You always knew. I hate that U know how good you are and u compleatly expect it. You just compleatly expect life to be compelatly good to you. You expect to get th best. I always tryied to not let that bother me. and besides you didnt show it alot to me. And I wasn’t even worth the fight. I wasn’t even worth putting in enough effert as for you to so much as try. just try. that’s all. but obviously I could never have been good enough. And it’s not even that I pitty my self. No I pitty you. Because I’m a fucking awesome girl to be with, and you’re just an idot that will never get it right. well now. I would give almost anything to hurt you with out consequess (expect that thing that I give) and I dont mean like poke u in the eye with a pen. No I meant I want you to lay and I want to get a metal base ball bat. and I want to break your leggs. I hate you. You fucking idiot.


I miss you. A lot, like more than anything. And it makes me fucking sick to my stomach because you’re the first thing I think about when I wake up, and it takes me hours to fall asleep because I keep thinking of things I wish I could say to you but will never get the chance to say. Even if I got…

Idk I just love this.

I dont wanna hear about you ever again unless U get seriously hurt. like if you die, or break both legs. or if one getts infected, and they have to amputate. see that’s pretty much all I ever want to hear about u for the rest of my life. and even then I’m pretty sure YOU don’t wanan tell me. because I’ll I’m going to do is laugh. and start thinking about how he so greatly deserves it.